Time off

Hey everyone, as you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting all that often.

Unfortunately, this may continue a little as I am now readmitted to McGill University in Nutrition.

I’m sure that my year off will serve its purpose as I attended and graduated from the Cordon Bleu culinary school. Continue reading “Time off”

Summer sauces : red jalapeño hot sauce

What to do when you have an overload of jalapeños in the garden and they ripen into hot and spicy red jalapeños? The answer is to make a delicious red jalapeño hot sauce!

It’s oh so simple, takes so little time and you can control what’s in it. Have you seen the amount of added sugar in the store-bought equivalents? It’s ridiculous. Continue reading “Summer sauces : red jalapeño hot sauce”

Compound butters

So what is a compound butter? It’s simply a flavoured butter composed with butter and a variety of different flavours. The possibilities are endless when it comes to flavours so here I’ve made lime & chili butter, basil and orange butter, Earl Grey & honey butter, mint & cumin butter (try with lamb), thai butter and green butter (using chlorophyll extracted from greens). Continue reading “Compound butters”